Gift Service

We are offering a brand new and exciting service for the Calgary area. We accept orders from anywhere in the world, be it in the US, Europe, Russian or from different parts of Canada. We can deliver a gift from your name to your friends and family! Rest assure, this is something they will remember and be thankful for a long time!
We accept payments through PayPal, so it's easy and quick to arrange a payment.

We treat each order very individually, and can tweak it to in any style you desire to match up the person the gift is going to. For a big event (A birthday or an anniversary), we can also match the gift with a tasty and incredibly beautiful Cake or other form of sweets. We design every cake in the exact way you want it to be, so it will always fit the gift you're ordering a perfect way!

Some additional options:

Flowers from candies
This is a unique composition which would shine among the other gift for any occasion, be it a Valentine’s Day, a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. This is the perfect romantic and creative gift to give your friend, spouse or loved one! We use known brand candies for our flowers and make sure that they maintain the original packaging.

Fresh flowers
It is always a good idea to accompany a gift with a buquet of fresh flowers. We work with local florists to ensure that only the best and the freshest flowers are delivered to your loved ones.

Gifts can be any combination of the above mentioned, as well as plush toys, perfumes, alcohol or any other product you'd like to add.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any ideas you might have and with any request. You can find our contact information on the contact us page.

Thanks for trusting us; we promise that your friends and family will be delighted! © 2020